About Mug Shoppe

A client named Dexter described the shop as ‘modern industrial art deco meets macho man mop shop’.  We like that.

Truth be told, The Shoppe was never about mugshots. The idea of a ‘mug’ was more centered around your dome.  Mindfulness, your mug and what you can do with it.   It’s also nice that mugshots are public record and make cool t-shirts that we always have.  So, there you have it. The Mug Shoppe is a creative space for all that enter. It’s a space for the community where artists can flourish. And people, can be themselves. Our Barbers and Stylists are absolutely excellent.  We’re relatively new so we can’t afford to make any mistakes.  We don’t rush our cuts, we pay attention to you and we and get it right.   It is our belief that we will grow with our amazing community in Capitol Hill.  We host concerts for our local musicians and we’re toying with the idea of an open mic night.  We have clothes laying around because we collect them for neighbors that need them.  When you’re at The Mug Shoppe, things are going to be alright.  We are here to serve you and the community, one cut at a time.

We cut the hair of all men, women and children.

Our Mission:  Everyone leaves better than they arrived.

The shop design features artwork inspired by generational icons.   The arcade games have been restored Mug Shoppe-style and are free to enjoy .


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