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The Mug Shoppe Barbershop: Exceptional Haircuts for Men, Women & Kids in Denver


Every provider at The Mug Shoppe Barbershop in Denver is excellent!  You’re going to get a great haircut in Denver, guaranteed!  We don’t rush our services and get them right.  Our Barbershop in Denver offers AMAZING haircuts for all hair types and lengths.  Get a killer skin/zero/bald fade, tapered haircut, textured longer haircut , or anything else you’re after.  We’ve got faux hawks, mohawks, fades, color, shaves, and straight razor work too.  Need a long haircut or trim?  Perfect – we’ve got you covered.  Our Barbers in Denver are experts, trained to cut and color all hair lengths and types.  We welcome all men, women, and kids.


We love color – All kinds of it!  We offer hair color services in Denver including vivid color, grey coverage, balayage, and high/lowlights to everyone!  Schedule a free color consult with your haircut!


Get your waxing done, enjoy some hot towels, and let us do the work.  We have the best barber in denver and offer both Signature and Traditional shaves and beard trim services in Denver. Add a Beard Refresh, Line-up, or Quick Trim to your haircut.


Located on Capitol Hill, The Mug Shoppe Barbershop is a local favorite in Denver.  We work with all of our clients to establish a proper plan for your hair both today and in the future.   If you’d like, we’ll even keep track of your hair progress over time with an image timeline.


The Mug Shoppe Barbershop in Denver also supports local artists and musicians.  The Mug Shoppe has served as a venue for over 30 local musicians who’ve played live shows, in the Shoppe.  We love our neighboring businesses, our neighborhood, and providing space to CREATE!  Check out our Gallery for some images.


M-F 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

We have free parking in The Beauvallon building.

You’re going to get an amazing cut at The Mug Shoppe. We believe it’s our attention to detail that sets us apart.

Special request?  No problem, just call or email.

Perfect Haircut Experience with the Finest Barbers in Denver

The perfect haircut is one that is tailored to your individual features, face shape, and lifestyle. It should be stylish & modern, yet easy to maintain. It should also be layered to enhance volume and movement. The hair should be cut to flatter the face & neck, while still being long enough to style in various ways. The length should be appropriate for the type of hair and face shape, and the fringe should be cut to frame the face. The sides should be tapered to create a soft, flattering line. Finally, the hair should be textured to add volume & body. With a focus on inclusive and diverse services, our barbershops in Denver also offer expert women’s haircuts, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the exceptional experience of a precision haircut, regardless of gender.


The Mug Shoppe Barbershop in Denver, where creativity and style are our passion! Our team of experienced  denver barbers specializes in creating unique looks that express your individual style. Whether you’re looking for a Traditional cut or a modern twist, we have the skills and experience to make your vision a reality. Take a look around & you’ll find a barbershop that offers you more than just a haircut. We strive to provide a unique experience that will leave you feeling pampered & looking your best. From the moment you enter the doors, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Our friendly staff will ensure your time here is enjoyable & that you leave feeling confident & looking your best.


Zero Fade

A zero-fade haircut is a clean, modern look that is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance style that still looks great. It’s a popular style amongst men and women of all ages, as it is easy to maintain and can be tailored to fit any face shape. The zero fade haircut is usually done with a clipper guard, which is a tool that helps to keep a consistent length all around the head. The guard is set to the desired length, usually between a 1 and 2, and the hair is then faded from the base of the neck & up towards the crown. The hair is then blended so that there is no distinct line of demarcation between the sides & the top. This style is perfect for those with thick hair, as the lack of fading allows the hair to stand out & not become too thin or wispy. This style also goes great with a variety of facial hair, such as stubble or a full beard. It can be paired with a high or low fade, depending on the desired look. The zero fade haircut is a great choice for those looking for a modern, clean-cut style. It is easy to maintain and can be tailored to fit any face shape. You’re going to love it.


Long Length Haircut

A longer-length haircut is a great look for those who want to make a statement with their hair. This style is typically seen on longer lengths of hair, such as shoulder length or longer. A longer-length haircut can be tailored to fit any face shape and hair type. The cut typically starts with a trim of the ends to remove any split ends and create a clean, even line. A blunt or graduated cut can then be used to create layers that make the hair look fuller and provide more movement. This can be followed by a texturizing technique such as razor cutting to create wispy layers, or a chipping or slicing technique to create a more blended, blended look. The length of the hair is usually left slightly longer than the chin or jawline. This allows the hair to be worn in a variety of ways, including a high ponytail, a deep side part, or even a sleek and straight look. The layers can be styled to create volume and movement, or left to hang naturally. Longer-length haircuts can be extremely flattering for a variety of face shapes and can be incredibly versatile for those who want to switch up their look. This style is great for those who want to make a statement.


Traditional Cut:

A traditional haircut is a classic style that is timeless and recognizable. It typically consists of short sides and a slightly longer top, with a side part, comb-over, or short and textured. The sides are usually cut with clippers, and the top is cut with scissors. The hair on top is usually kept at a medium length and can be styled with a comb or a brush. The sides can be tapered, giving a neat, polished look to the sides. This haircut is perfect for those who prefer a timeless, classic look.


Classic Straight Shave

A classic straight shave is the traditional denver barbershop experience. This traditional shave starts with the barber gently lathering up the face with a pre-shave oil. The barber then applies a thick layer of shaving cream, using a brush to work up a lather that softens and lifts the beard. The denver barber then shaves the face with a straight razor, giving extra attention to any areas that require additional care. After the shave, the barber finishes off with a hot towel and soothing aftershave. This traditional shave is the perfect way to relax and indulge in something special.


If you’re in search of a haircut and need immediate assistance, look no further! Our barber shops in Denver are open right now, ready to provide you with the perfect cut and exceptional service. Our barbershop in Denver is a hub of style and expertise.

You’re going to get an amazing cut at The Mug Shoppe. We believe it’s our attention to detail that sets us apart.

Special request?  No problem, just call or email.


october, 2023

Our goal is to improve the day of everyone that enters the shop

We offer tailored Signature and Traditional grooming services for men and women in Downtown Denver.   You’ve got lots of good options in Denver so our simple goal is to be great.  Great cuts, excellent service and a fantastic experience.  We offer a wide range of razor fades, clipper and scissor cuts, color, beard-work, shaves, and layered cuts for men and women.

Check us out for men and women’s color!

We take pride in the shop and our amazing Barbers and Stylists. We’re always grateful for you.

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& Traditional Services

Mug Shoppe Barbershop: Denver FAQs

Yes. Apart from ensuring that we deliver a great haircut, excellent fades, or whatever other services clients may want in coming to our barbershop, our offerings tend to include a facial treatment and more.

More specifically, there is typically a hot towel treatment, which depending on the service selected, can be accompanied by a scalp massage, shoulder massage, skin massage, shampoo, condition, and more.

We believe that such barber services should feel relaxing throughout the entire head.

Even for men’s haircut services from our barbershop that don’t typically include such treatments, we allow clients to add leave-in treatment, shampoo, or additional services, which will leave them looking and feeling great.

If you only want a barbershop in Denver to take care of your beard, then we can handle that for you. Ask about the beard refresh service that we offer.

It has no haircut element, but includes a beard wash, trim, and line-up. What’s the best part? It will only cost you $25.

No. For children under 12 years old who visit our shop, we price a skin fade at 20% off the standard price.

If you only want a barbershop in Denver to take care of your beard, then we can handle that for you. Ask about the beard refresh service that we offer.

It has no haircut element, but includes a beard wash, trim, and line-up. What’s the best part? It will only cost you $25.

When you’re ready for the great people employed at The Mug Shoppe barbershop in Denver to take care of you, finding us is no challenge at all. For reference, we are conveniently located at 955 Lincoln St STE. F. If you’re familiar with the Beauvallon Corporation, you can find us on the first floor.

If you’re using your GPS, it makes things even easier as you can find us using the directions provided here.

Most certainly! If you want a stylish touch of color to be the most stylish among your friends, then our barbershop is the place to be. Depending on what you need, we offer an array of semi-permanent and permanent hair and beard coloring services.

Here is a quick list of what you can look forward to:

  • Gloss
  • All-over/Foil
  • Single Process
  • Partial Foil
  • Combo Blend
  • Beard Blending
  • Gray Blending

Beyond these standard services, we also accept custom orders, which are priced at a minimum of $100, and will depend on the specific requirements you have.

Yes! Our gentleman’s salon emphasizes a focus on the whole head as a complete package. Therefore, beyond your standard hair or beard trim, we also offer nose hair removal as a part of a combo with brow hair removal if you so desire.

After visiting our shop, we want you to look like the best version of yourself possible. After all, it’s often said that image is everything.

Our barbershop is open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM, Monday to Saturday and 10 AM to 5PM on Sunday,  proving best-in-class haircut and beard grooming services to our incredible clients in Denver, CO. 

We understand that our existing and potential clients may have questions or concerns from time to time. Whether it’s about hair, beard trim, color, another service, or something else our barbershop can assist with, you can reach out to us in a few ways.

First, you can use the convenient contact form on this page. Alternatively, you may give us a call at 720-776-1025.

Finally, we also have social media pages on both Facebook and Instagram. If that is your preferred method, feel free to reach us that way, and we’d be happy to handle any queries you may have!

Whenever one of our barbers is providing a service in our gentleman’s salon, we aim to ensure that we tailor the said services to our clients.

To this end, we will use your requirements and our expertise to ensure that your hair or beard is taken care of.

Additionally, we have a host of services that we offer and will use your desired length to ensure that they are properly tailored to you.

Of course! When you know in advance how you want us to help you bring out your style, simply schedule your appointment in advance here.

You will be able to select from the full suite of services that our shop offers. Beyond that, you can indicate your date, desired time, and even select which of our amazing barbers you’d like to take care of you.

We even allow you to do advance bookings for multiple people at a time in one fell swoop!

If you’re a busy person or just want your family taken care of simultaneously, a premium barbershop service in Denver, CO awaits you!

Yes. You can choose to have our barbers wax your nose, brows, or a combination of the two.

Maybe you’ve heard of or become enamored with our haircut, beard trim, or other head grooming services and wish to allow someone else to experience what we have to offer at our shop.

If that is the case, then you can purchase a Mug Shoppe gift card to give someone else the experience that our shop is known for.

Simply visit the gift card interface here to get things going!

Of course, you may wish to insert a bit of personality and your own style into the card design, and the means for you to do so is provided by the platform.

First, the template choices offer standard designs, but you can also take advantage of custom imagery to convey whatever feelings you wish to the recipient of the gift card.

You can then choose from $25, $50, $75, or $100 tiers. Alternatively, you can enter a custom amount that you intend to gift to the individual. Note that you can choose to do multiples of the same card if you so desire.

Finally, you can customize the delivery of the item. We can deliver the card via e-mail, text message, or you can print it on your own. We even accept a delivery date and an optional custom message!